Faktor-X - K​á​b​í​t​ó​szer

The well-known club anthem of the underground parties of Budapest, “Kabitoszer” by Faktor-X, is finally being released on the LavaLava imprint. This authentic local package features excellent remixes from producers of the Hungarian capital, as well as versions by Yorgos and the LavaLava labelheads and residents, Mate Tollner (aka Tolo) and Mendemonda (Falcao/David Tollner).

Released July 7, 2023

Mate Tollner - Pedál

LavaLava is a Budapest based DJ- / producer- and promoter collective. Label co-head Mate Tollner (or as he is better known in Budapest: Tolo) is coming with the next single: an acidic slow burner deep house material, called Pedál. The tracks title is inspired by the inner circle slang ‘Rálépünk a gázpedálra’ (means something like, ‘let’s rave hard’) often used in club backstages by label-friend and moodmanager, Zoltán.

Produced and mixed by Máté Tollner in Budapest
Mastered by AnalogCut in Berlin

Released July 9, 2022

Mate Tollner - Be The Change

1. Be The Change (Short Edit)
2. Be The Change (DJ Version)
3. Be The Change (CT Kidobó Remix)
4. Be The Change (Route 8's Offenbach Jam)
5. Be The Change (Elliot Adamson vs Another Chemical Love Story Remix)

Released November 18, 2022

Mate Tollner - U Should

u should meet another guy
u shouldn’t be always high

Written and produced by Máté Tollner in Budapest
Mixed by Grema in Budapest
Mastered by AnalogCut in Berlin
Released by LavaLava Budapest

Released April 8, 2022

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